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Providing information to livestock farmers and stakeholders in the livestock value chain is key to improving livestock farming, effective disease control, and food security. We realize that information needs are different for different animals, and livestock producers need access to timely and accurate information to obtain the best care for their animals while meeting their profit goals.

We focus on promoting livestock farming and development through improved information access on best practices in livestock production, animal health, and management. We also promote improvements in agricultural research to sustain the livestock industry in Nigeria. Our focus includes the provision of theoretical and practical knowledge on livestock management as well as the training of individuals in livestock production.

For these reasons, Farmlivestock offers a platform that makes it easier to learn more about disease control, food, and animal care, even issues that don’t pertain to your specific farm at the moment. You will learn how to provide optimal nutrition and maintain healthier animals. You’ll get this valuable information in bite-sized content that’s useful, so you can spend more time doing what you do best—providing farm-fresh products and healthy meat.

Our Mission

To empower livestock farmers and stakeholders in Nigeria with relevant, timely, and accurate information.

Our Vision

To be a trusted information hub in the Nigerian and African livestock industry.

Our Services & Benefits

Our Services

We are committed to partnering with all stakeholders to build a vibrant livestock industry in Nigeria; by creating and empowering farmers and entrepreneurs to maximize their potential to make a living from livestock farming.

data capture


We collect information from farmers, livestock breeders, and other livestock value chain stakeholders. This data includes livestock farmer status, farm location, and livestock breed. These details aid in liaising with government agencies and donors in order to identify need gaps and provide on-the-ground solutions.

Yellow Page


We use our vast expertise to create relevant reports that add value to any livestock value chain player and inform policymakers on new developments in the livestock sector. Also, through our business directory (the Yellow Pages), we list and share market information and link farmers to off-takers, buyers, and prospective financiers.

Real-time Report

Prevention & Control

Disease control and prevention is not a one-man affair. We contribute to addressing the gap in manpower needed to collect and analyze disease prevalence and report such findings to the appropriate authorities for accelerated containment.

great support

Organize to impact

Farmlivestock assists smallholders organize themselves as cooperative societies or clubs so as to play a significant role in production and equip themselves with the tools, skills, and networks they need to make a far-reaching impact on their community’s livestock industry.

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Good communication through various platforms is one of the ways to sell agricultural products in high volume. So, there is no harm in advertising on our platform. We provide a comprehensive list of farmers and suppliers of agro-products that are ready to deal. Through our Farmer's Yellow Pages, we list the local farms and major agro-dealer companies. We ask them to forward their advertising flyers to us to assist farmers in spreading the word—this helps them promote their products.
We are happy to note that some farmers have succeeded in tapping into the market due to the assistance and support that we provide. Our site also has a comprehensive database of supplies, which we provide to registered farmers as soon as they are ready for the market. Also on the list are livestock feed and farm supply, veterinary hospitals, insurance companies, and biogas operators. We publish this weekly to provide traders and potential investors with market information and the latest updates on livestock products.


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In addition, our online community is very beneficial to farmers. The active social network we have developed over the years enables members to interact with one another, share their experiences, and find the assistance they need. We are not only online but also in the field, both to see how they perform and what they need to improve. We reach out to them through various means and set up regular meetings, both in the office as well as in our various meeting centers in selected regions. This allows farmers to get help in their various fields and at their convenience. Join the forum—share information and exchange ideas. You can find others who are willing to help and ask for specific advice. There is also an initiative that allows you to assist and donate to help further our advocacy and interventions.