about us

Our Ambition.


Through this platform, we hope to become an indispensable tool for livestock producers and stakeholders in the value chain at:

  • Educating farmers on effective animal health management and the proactive control of chronic endemic livestock diseases.
  • Forging relationships with major players in the animal health space, such as diagnostic companies, scientific institutions, data providers, and government agencies.
  • Leading the implementation of research and evidence-based interventions across the livestock value chain, including breeding farms, ranches, feedlots, and auction markets.
  • Providing up-to-date and quality information on disease control, thus promoting investments in livestock production as a sustainable way to support Nigeria’s agricultural growth and food security.
  • Terminate exotic disease outbreaks quickly and effectively.
  • Create positive changes in productivity and sustainability through innovative and tailored support programs to help smallholder livestock farmers.
  • Develop a competitive trade advantage by building trade partners and consumer confidence in the respective states of Nigeria.
We aim to foster sustained economic growth by improving livestock productivity through information dissemination on best practices in animal health and human care.
Ugo Nkwoala
Project Manager

Our solutions

To provide a sustainable and viable economic opportunity for livestock farmers in rural communities, thus transforming Nigeria’s livestock industry into a modern and profitable global business.

Who are we?

Farmlivestock is an all-new agricultural community with a rich pedigree in building a highly-engaging digital agricultural community for Nigerian farmers. A subsidiary of Arid & Green Resources, we are a development-focused start-up with a proven track record of market and technology innovations across Nigeria. Our operations and clientele span a variety of sectors, including agriculture, technology, and transportation. We have a wealth of experience managing high-volume agricultural projects, livestock farms, distribution networks, and distribution hubs. For the past ten years, we have been engaged in bridging the digital divide in rural communities through numerous innovative cooperative-initiative projects in Nigeria.

our philosophy


We are a fast-growing start-up that aims to contribute to the Nigerian livestock space. We believe that with proper awareness and incentive mechanisms, livestock producers will be able to sustainably improve their business and live a better quality of life.

We are targeting stakeholders who participate in the livestock sector, such as farmers, vets, and business and industry leaders.




To empower livestock farmers and stakeholders in Nigeria with relevant, timely, and accurate information.


To be a trusted information hub in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Values

We value hard work, transparency, accountability, and responsibility.