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Our initiatives empower farmers with hands-on know-how, development, and marketing support.

FarmLivestock is a community-driven, volunteer-driven resource dedicated to enhancing the lives of livestock farmers and their families through research, education, and entrepreneurial development. We are a grassroots organization based in Owerri, Nigeria, with an additional office in Lagos.
We work on behalf of rural livestock farmers to improve their economic conditions and are motivated to do so by the deep commitment we have in our hearts for these people.

Donate to help further our advocacy and education efforts towards a sustainable and viable economic opportunity for livestock farmers in rural communities.

Your donation will also help offset our operational costs: web-hosting, software, printing, mailing, and canvassing required to provide for the continuing development of this platform and the tireless contributions of our local volunteers and Extension Agent. Your kind donation will help to defray the cost of collecting livestock statistics, thus allowing to continue its ongoing efforts to address issues affecting farmers, their livestock, and our agriculture economy.

For individuals who are unable to make a single donation, there is an option to make your contribution monthly. Click on “Donate” to support our work.

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Curious to learn more? If you’d like to experience hands-on training to further your career, check out the Workshop & Training page for ongoing training in agriculture programs. Some of these courses are offered free of charge; others are offered at a reduced rate. Some of these courses may be sponsored by non-profit donor agencies (such as FAO), corporate or state agencies, and are offered in collaboration with relevant academic and agricultural entities.

Learn more about research opportunities in agriculture by visiting our Research Opportunities page. Avail yourself of our services by enlisting us in your research projects. We also offer marketing research and professional networking opportunities. Organize your study by including the Qualitative Research Instructions and documents. Information submitted to us is held in strict confidence and is used only by research subjects to aid their participation in our research studies.

FarmLivestock works with prospects to improve study design and presentation; so participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others. We can help facilitate your studies and get you started as soon as possible. Please, contact us at [email protected]